Roto-Clean™ Boosts Productivity and Reduces Rejects and Rework.

Removes Micro-Sized Contaminates and Neutralizes Static Electricity.

Roto-Clean with Dual, Rotary Nozzles

Roto-Clean’s dual, rotary nozzles and unique static neutralizing technology remove static electricity and contaminants.

Up to 240 times-a-second, Roto-Clean’s two nozzles deliver a 360° pulsed-flow of static neutralizing air onto the product surface. This powerful action blasts contaminants away.

The movement of the rotating heads cleans all shapes and sizes of product- including complex shapes and crevices.

“Roto-Clean has angled, static neutralizing air jets that clean the most complex shapes and minuscule crevices,” noted Joe Overman, president TAKK Industries. “By enhancing our customers’ productivity and greatly reducing their rejects and rework, these reliable devices pay for themselves in a very short time,” Overman added.

Roto-Clean is easy to mount or retrofit on a robotic arm, or can be placed in a fixed-array over a conveyor. Roto-Clean ensures a dust-free product that helps prevents reattachment of contaminants.

Roto-Clean boosts the production of moldings, electrical assemblies, trays and panels, photo-voltaic parts, medical parts, cleanroom components, kitted and bare PCBs, doors, containers and machined plastics.

This powerful, compact, static-eliminating, cleaning tool is available in 4.5” and 7” diameters. Backed by a two-year warranty.

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