NPE 2024 Booth W114Free Exhibit Pass, the new X-SERIES, and More!

Join us in Orlando, FL, May 6-10, 2024, to experience the latest advancement in Static Control solutions and meet 1-on-1 with our industry experts. Plus, gain access to the largest, most innovative plastics trade show in the Americas, NPE 2024.

Registration is on us! Claim your free pass here and visit us at booth W114.

As part of our global launch, we’ll be showcasing the revolutionary X-SERIES Static Elimination technologies. TAKK’s X-SERIES takes static elimination to the next level in static control intelligence, capabilities and ground breaking performance.

  • The built-in Adaptive Intelligence senses the static on the surface and automatically adjusts the ionization output of the bar as needed for highest performance
  • User interface displays the operating mode and level of charge detected in real-time. Remote PLC.
  • Industry leading, low-profile footprint for compact installations.
  • Four models to match your application:
    X-33: extended-range applications, up to 60″ plus, where highest power is needed—winding, large area coverage
    X-20: long range distance, up to 32″, for a broad range of applications—web, conveyors, high profile parts
    X-12L: mid-range mounting, 4″ to 24″, static elimination for compact spaces
    X-12F: close range with rapid static elimination at the fastest machine speeds

Visit us at Booth W114 to discuss how the new X-SERIES can solve your static issues.