The Roto-Clean is a rotary static eliminator featuring dual air nozzles. It employs a unique ionizing technology to neutralize static electricity and blast away dust and contaminants in injection molding applications. Roto-Clean combines an advanced ionizer with the power of high-thrust, rotating air jets. Resulting in accurate and powerful cleaning of all shapes and sizes of product.

The versatile Roto-Clean consists of a dual rotary air nozzles driven by a centrifugal control in a circular static eliminator.

Twin air-powered nozzles, housed in the unique ring ionizer, rotate at up to 60 revolutions per second. The Roto-Clean delivers a 360° pulsed flow of ionized air onto the product surface at up to 240 times per second. Blasting away contamination and cleaning complex shapes/crevices with ease.

Available in diameters of 112mm (4.5″) or 178mm(7″). The compact Roto-Clean can be mounted onto a robotic arm or in a fixed array over a conveyor to assure a dust-free product that will not re-attract contaminants.

This rotary static eliminator revolutionizes the cleaning of moldings and components where careful control of contaminants is necessary. Thus maintaining production efficiency and reducing the cost of rejects and rework.

Download TAKK Roto-Clean Spec Sheet (PDF)

Watch this video on the Roto-Clean, by our partners at Fraser Anti-Static Techniques:

Roto-Clean Rotary Static Eliminator