Get the best results from your Static Control Equipment. A static meter is a tool designed to detect and measure the presence of static electricity. This easy to use tool measures the magnitude and the polarity of static charges from virtually any material. Having this information not only facilitates the most effective positioning of static control equipment but also enables user to monitor equipment performance – confirming that the ionizers are operating effectively.

TAKK’s Model 5740 is an accurate, easy to use, handheld static meter with an LCD display that enables you to quickly investigate and analyze static problems scientifically. Push button control activates power, zeros the initial reading, and maintains the reading. The 5740 quickly registers positive and negative static charges of up to 200kV. An ideal instrument for operational personnel to monitor the effectiveness of static control equipment in use. More information on the 5740 Static Meter can be found here: Model 5740 Static Meter.