Many packaging operations such as winding and sleeving, create static which attracts dirt and contaminants and can cause film to attract to the wrong surfaces. TAKK static eliminators neutralize the static reducing rejects and waste.

Form, Fill & Seal

During vertical form, fill and seal operations, high static charges are generated as the film is unwound and travels over rollers. The static charge attracts particles from the filling products on to the film surface and in the seal area. This prevents proper sealing of the film, resulting in poor product quality. Placing a static eliminator on both sides of the film before the sealing bar will neutralize the static and prevent dust attraction, allowing full sealing. 

Recommended Solutions:

TAKK’s IonStorm XR2 static elimination unit is a Shockless Pulsed DC Extended Range Ionization System, made up of Model 3700SC Controller and XR2 Bar. It provides a long range of ionization at distances of 36 plus inches from target surface to eliminate your costly static electricity problems.

The XR2 Bar is equipped with tungsten emitters for long-life and dependable service. The emitter pins have dedicated positive and negative ion outputs and are user-replaceable. The bar is available in standard lengths of 10 inches to 110 inches in 10 inch increments. It is housed in a polymer easy-to-clean rigid body.

The Model 3700SC Power Controller’s unique adjustability features include user-settings for frequency, voltage and polarity outputs, providing precision ionization performance to match any static challenge. It is housed in a high strength body and provides an operation error alarm indicator, rocker on/off switch, illuminated ion pulse rate, and lockable setting key-locks.

The Model 3700SC Controller can be operated from a remote location with integrated DIN connection. The input voltage is 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 24 Volts DC – with variable shockless DC current output up to 14 kV.

Typical applications of the IonStorm XR2 include unwind/rewind, extruding, molding, sheeting, screen printing, clean room and other applications where long distance static elimination is needed without the use of forced air.

For more information click here: IonStorm XR2 Static Elimination System