Static electricity can cause many issues in bottle packaging applications from bottle filling to palletizing. Containers made of plastic, glass and other material often have dust or foreign matter contaminants that must be removed before a container is filled or labeled. Sometimes the contaminants are on both the inside and outside of the container making the problem of cleaning especially difficult.

TAKK’s Air-Knife Ionizer and Precision Point Ionizer offer static elimination solutions for cleaning and neutralizing static on both the interior and exterior of the containers. This allows the line to flow smoothly with increased speeds and decreased rejects and downtime. Product quality is enhanced and profits increase.

Static charges on lightweight plastic bottles cause additional problems as the bottles are fed down a conveying line and onto a palletizing table or stack. Static laden bottles repel each other and push off the pallet causing shorted bottle counts and house cleaning problems of cast off bottles on the floor. Alternatively bottles cling together making it difficult to feed or palletize without operator intervention.

A static eliminator with a long distance range and high performance is needed to project an ionization field across the width and length of the pallet. Large pallets of 40″ x 40″ or more especially require non-air assisted static control spanning across the entire width and length to neutralize the entire pallet of bottles. TAKK’s IonStorm XR2 and NEOS Series both offer long range neutralization options to solve this static problem. Click here for more Information on Static Elimination in Packaging.