Removing contamination from canning and bottling operations using TAKK’s Inline Ionizer Model 5860
The Problem:
Contaminants such as lint, corrugated fibers, and other foreign contaminants cling to the interior of cans or bottles, leading to negative impacts on the quality and taste of packaged alcohol beverages.
The Goal:
To ensure optimal cleanliness of cans and bottles for beer, kombucha, wine and spirits prior to filling.
The Solution:
Craft beer breweries require an economical, easy to install method to rinse the inside of their containers after depalletization, prior to filling.

The TAKK Inline Ionizer Model 5860 is an effective, robust tool to rinse craft beer cans/bottles. Electrostatic charges can cause foreign contaminants to cling to the inside walls of various containers. The Model 5860 provides ionized air to reliably and effectively neutralize static electricity resulting in clean rinsed containers.

Ionized air is often a superior solution compared to water rinsing. Water rinsing can leave residual water particles that can be detrimental to beer and related products. Ionized air avoids the cost and housecleaning involved with using water rinsers and eliminates the secondary step of removing residual water from containers.

The TAKK Inline Ionizer is easy to install, and provides robust, long term reliability.