TAKK’s Static Elimination Blowers are designed to eliminate static electricity problems in a wide variety of industrial applications, including converting, packaging, textile, plastic, printing, painting and electronic assembly operations. Ionization is accomplished with the same high performance ionization system found in our Model 400T Static Elimination Bar.

Curtain Air IonizerCurtain Air Static Eliminator

  • Establishes an extra wide and deep field or “curtain” of highly concentrated ions—completely eliminating troublesome positive and negative static electricity from processing equipment and product surfaces
  • Distributes a uniform static eliminating air stream from 14″ to 64″ wide with an effective neutralizing range of 8 feet from the target area

Vortex Static Eliminator AC Blower

Vortex Blower

  • Projects a large volume of ionized air a distance up to 10 feet—economically, quietly and free of emission hazards
  • Compact, self-contained, including power supply and controls
  • Air velocity created by a centrifugal blower; no compressed air supply needed
  • Fan has a variable and controllable air speed and volume; with air filtration for a clean operation

TAKK’s complete line of Static Elimination Blowers includes additional products including a variety of AC and DC precision point ionizers, inline compressed air ionizers, hand held static blow-off guns, and a unique rotary air blower.

Our technical experts will be glad to guide you to the best static solution for your specific application. Contact us at 800-792-8255 or email sales@takk.com.