The 3024 Compact™, the smallest 24-V DC short range static eliminator bars available have proven performance in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, narrow web digital and flex printing, and label and shrink sleeve manufacturing.

“This powerful, high-performance, static-eliminator works very well with high-speed machinery where space is constrained. And, it’s a real workhorse,” noted Joe Overman, President, TAKK Industries.

The 3024 Compact™ is the only bar, at this scale available, with an integrated power supply. The compact design is ideal where space constraints exist. The 3024 Compact is ideal for fast-moving materials- at speeds up to 4200 ft/min. (That’s over 48 miles an hour!)

Mr. Overman added, “Our customers using the 3024 Compact experience increased production speeds, reduced rejects, far less downtime and enhanced product quality. This bar really pays for itself quickly!”

The 3024 Compact, with built-in electronics, delivers up to 7.5kV, integrated into bars which come in 6″ and 8″ lengths. The ideal operating range is 1″ to 2″.

In addition to remote monitoring of its operational status, the 3024 Compact is high-voltage with increased density emitters for strong, close-range performance.

“The 3024 Compact is protected against undervoltage, overload and reverse polarity. It’s shockless, with resistively-coupled tungsten emitters for long-life,” remarked Terrance Clark, Technical Sales, TAKK Industries.