Model EX715 Static Meter

The EX715 handheld LCD static meter enables you to investigate and scientifically analyze static problems in hazardous area , showing where and how the static is generated, plus its magnitude and polarity.

Also facilitates the most effective positioning of static control equipment and enables you to monitor equipment performance.

Accuracy, stability, ease of use and quick response make it an ideal instrument for operational personnel. This meter quickly registers negative and positive static electricity charges of up to 200,000 Volts on surfaces at a recommended distance of 4″.

Manufactured to all applicable CE Standards. Certified for use in hazardous area Zones 1 and 2. Can be used in Group IIA and IIB Gas subdivisions. Safe for use across all industries including applications which use solvents, explosives or other materials with a low minimum ignition energy level, where static can create the additional hazard of fire and explosive risks.

The “push button” activates the power, zeros the initial reading and maintains instrument operation for the duration of your testing. The rugged carrying case and easy-to-read crystal display offer extra convenience.

Download TAKK EX715 Meter Spec Sheet (PDF)

Static Measuring and Monitoring