Static Generators, Charging Bars and Pinners

TAKK’s static generation systems allow you to temporarily adhere two materials together in an effective, clean and simple way. A system consists of a Static Generator to create the positive or negative charge and one or more charging devices, such as a charging bar, pinner or edger to emit the static charge to the material.
Our IONFIX Static Generators are available in positive and negative output voltage.
Static Charging Bars are available in lengths up to 118 inches. Multiple Static Pinners and Edgers are also available.
The Generator and Bar/Pinner System enables you to bond similar or dissimilar materials and hold materials in place, eliminate air pockets and wrinkles in multi-layer products, prevent plastic films from wandering on rewinders or shrinking on cooling cylinders, and increase production speeds.
Typical applications include In-Mold Labeling, Non-Adhesive Laminating, Multi-Layer Plow Feeders, Bindery Insertions, Web Splicing, Printing ESA, removing air from wicketed bags, and other applications where temporary bonding and pinning of materials is required.

Download TAKK Charging Bars & Pinners Spec Sheet (PDF)