XIFOS 33 with Adaptive Intelligence

XIFOS 33 Static Eliminator Bar provides adaptive intelligence for high power long range static control.

Featuring industry-leading pulsed-DC technology with built-in field polarity sensing and adaptive ionization. XIFOS intelligence significantly increases the neutralization power of the bar by optimizing the output to remove the static charge.

Adaptive Intelligence—XIFOS 33 uses software algorithms to control all of the operating parameters of the bar. Duty cycle, frequency, dead-time, HV level and polarity are all precisely and intelligently controlled. XIFOS reacts to the actual polarity and charge level on the product to achieve the fastest possible neutralization.

Provides 33 kV of ionizing power from 24V DC input and a neutralization range up to 60″. Perfect for long range and wide area applications.

The power of the XIFOS 33 static eliminator bar makes it ideally suited to manufacturers and end users of large winding machinery, such as slitter/rewinders, cast film extruders, blown film extruders, and laminators.

The XIFOS 33 features simple tool-free, on-bar adjustment for process optimization. And bi-color LED lights indicating operation status and cleaning alert.

Download XIFOS 33 Spec Sheet (PDF)

XIFOS 33 Static Eliminator Bar