Raising the Bar: The revolutionary new X-SERIES

The revolutionary new X-SERIES, from our partners at Fraser Anti-Static Techniques, is a major advancement in industrial static control technology. It’s time to accelerate your efficiency and performance.

XIFOS 33 Static Eliminator Bar

Here’s what you can expect from the X-SERIES:

  • Dynamic Intelligence: All X-SERIES products have built-in reactive intelligence, automatically adjusting the ionization output of the bar as required.
  • The best just got better: Built around the most advanced technology yet, the X-SERIES products surpass the exceptional performance of the previous NEOS models, eliminating static more effectively than ever.
  • Performance you can rely on: The X-SERIES models provide the exceptional performance, reliability and smart technology Fraser Anti-Static Techniques is known for.
  • Knowledge is power: New and improved user interface and visual indication displays the operating mode and level of charge detected in real-time.
  • Compact but mighty: The X-SERIES has an industry leading, low-profile footprint, delivering powerful static elimination in compact areas.
  • Simple and easy connectivity: Electrical connections are identical to our existing NEOS installations, minimizing downtime and allowing for quick, no-hassle upgrade to the X-SERIES.


The X-SERIES line up:

  • X-33 – The most powerful bar in our line up with built-in 33kV power source is perfect for long-range static control applications where high-power static neutralization is needed.
  • X-20 – Suitable for a broad range of applications where consistent performance and exceptional reliability are key.
  • X-12L – A medium range, 12kV bar ideal for increased distance static elimination.
  • X-12F – A short range static elimination expert specifically designed for rapid, close range static elimination at the fastest machine speeds.


Raising the Bar for static control with a powerful series of static eliminators delivering exceptional neutralization and robust performance.

Download X-SERIES spec sheet