IonStorm XR2 Static Elimination DC Pulse Bar System

TAKK’s IonStorm XR2 static elimination unit is a Shockless Pulsed DC Extended Range Ionization System, made up of Model 3700SC Controller and XR2 Bar. It provides a long range of ionization at distances of 36 plus inches from target surface to eliminate your costly static electricity problems.

The XR2 Bar is equipped with tungsten emitters for long-life and dependable service. The emitter pins have dedicated positive and negative ion outputs and are user-replaceable. The bar is available in standard lengths of 10 inches to 100 inches in 10 inch increments. It is housed in a polymer easy-to-clean rigid body.

The Model 3700SC Power Controller’s unique adjustability features include user-settings for frequency, voltage and polarity outputs, providing precision ionization performance to match any static challenge. It is housed in a high strength body and provides an operation error alarm indicator, rocker on/off switch, illuminated ion pulse rate, and lockable setting key-locks.

The Model 3700SC Controller can be operated from a remote location with integrated DIN connection. The input voltage is 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 24 Volts DC – with variable shockless DC current output up to 14 kV.

Typical applications of the IonStorm XR2 include unwind/rewind, extruding, molding, sheeting, screen printing, clean room and other applications where long distance static elimination is needed without the use of forced air.

Download TAKK IonStorm XR2 Spec Sheet (PDF)