Model 5854 Precision Point AC Ionizing Air Nozzle

TAKK’s Model 5854 Precision Point Ionizing Air Nozzle is a compact, high performance unit that combines extended range (up to 6 inches from target) static elimination with compressed air removal of dust & contaminants from small objects such as yarn, trim, tapes, narrow webs, etc.

The resistively coupled design of the unit produces a large volume of positive and negative ionization for eliminating high charges of static electricity. Construction is of durable stainless steel and PVC body, with nylon cable guard. 10 ft. cable is supplied.

The 5854’s input voltage is 115 volts, 50/60 Hz. Unit is shockless. Uses standard TAKK 6000 volt Power Supply. Typical applications would include Wire and Optical Cable Manufacturing, Tube Extrusions, Narrow Webs, Small Parts Handling.

Download TAKK Model 5854 Spec Sheet (PDF)