Ion-Jet Super Air-Knife AC Static Eliminator

The TAKK Ion-Jet Super Air-Knife gives a combination of ultra high positive and negative ion output, plus a hard-hitting curtain of air for web, sheet and part blowoff. The Super Air-Knife eliminates the costly production problems of static electricity and offers the multiple benefits of high velocity air cleaning and prepping of equipment and parts.

The Super Air-Knife is coupled with TAKK’s Model 400T Static Eliminator Bar. The bar produces a high positive and negative ion output that is distributed through the Super Air-Knife’s jet air stream to equipment surfaces and parts.

The Super Air-Knife component is a quiet and efficient way to clean, dry, cool or prep webs, conveyors, sheets or parts. It utilizes the coanda effect (wall attachment of a high velocity fluid) to create air motion in its surroundings. Using a small amount of compressed air as a power source, it pulls in large volumes of surrounding air to produce a high flow concentration of air for blowoff. Amplification ratios (entrained air to compressed air) are 40:1. Air savings of 40% to 90% are achieved compared to “homemade” blowoff devices. Available in 3 inch to 96 inch lengths—from 3″ to 12″ in three inch increments, from 12″ to 60″ in six inch increments, and from 60″ to 96″ in twelve inch increments.

Static elimination applications: Parts Cleaning, Parts Drying, Conveyor Lines, Packaging, Plastic Extruding, Sheet Cleaning.

Download TAKK Super Air-Knife Spec Sheet (PDF)