4800 DC Ionized Air Nozzle

The 4800 DC Ionized Air Nozzle sets new standards in industrial static control technology with its powerful performance, the advantages of integrated advanced electronics, a compact body, and powered by 24V DC. The 4800 DC is the most powerful ionized air nozzle available in both ionization performance and cleaning capability.

Ionization produced by the powerful 3024 Ultra Compact static eliminator is transported by the compressed air flowing from the nozzle. The flat nozzle produces intense airflow which transports the ionized air at high speed for optimal cleaning and blow-off capability. The ionized air then neutralizes the static charge allowing the air to remove the contaminant or to separate sheets.

High cleaning thrust is achieved at lower air pressure, reducing air consumption and noise. Optimal cleaning distance for maximum thrust is 2-4″.

The 4800 features fully encapsulated electronics for protection and reliability, tungsten emitters for long life, and an integrated 24V DC power supply. Operational and cleaning status are indicated by LED on the unit. Remote monitoring also available.

The 4800 DC combines advanced electronic static elimination with a powerful air nozzle, all in a compact system. Highly effective for cleaning and static neutralization applications including robot arms, high speed processing, sheet separation, labeling, and confined spaces.

Download 4800 DC Ionized Air Nozzle Spec Sheet (PDF)

4800 DC Ionized Air Nozzle