Model 5860 Compresed Air In-Line Ionizer

TAKK’s Model 5860 In-Line Ionizer is a compact in-line compressed air static eliminator that can be easily installed in the user’s airline, combining the benefits of static elimination with contaminant blow-off in many applications, and eliminating costly static problems in pneumatically operated systems. Simply cut into the air line and insert the nozzle close to the discharge end of the line.

Constructed of durable stainless steel and nylon components, with PVC barbed fittings. 6.5 ft. cable is standard. Designed for use with TAKK’s reliable 6000 volt Power Supply.

Typical applications would include air separation systems fitted to paper or plastic sheet feeding deck, materials moving through conveying pipes and tubes, folders & sheet-fed printing presses, plastic and acrylic parts as drilled or trimmed, optics, pre-paint, pharmaceuticals, bottle rinsing, etc.

Download TAKK In-Line Ionizer Spec Sheet (PDF)

Case Study: Craft Brewery Bottling

Case Study: Coffee K-Cup Filling