8001 Precision Point Air Ionizer

The 8001 DC Precision Point Ionizer provides precision point static neutralization and cleaning in higher technology, controlled environments. Easily removes static electricity and contamination from small objects, including sensitive electronic components and assemblies, and a wide range of ESD, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Integrated electronics for self-contained operation, needing only 24V DC and a compressed air supply
  • 3kV of ionizing power
  • Compact size. Base unit is 1.26″(h) x 0.9″(w) x 4.85″(l)
  • Cleanroom compatible to ISO Class 4
  • Balanced ionization exceeds ANSI ESD STM 3.1. Offset voltage typically better than +/- 20V
  • Three LED lights on body show operational status
  • Additional remote monitoring of status and cleanliness through 24V signal

Applications include: neutralizing and cleaning PBC & electronic parts cleaning, sensitive assemblies, optical & precision lens manufacturing, food filling and sealing, DNA sequencing, instrument panels, medical & automotive molding & machining, plastic feeders, medical tubing extrusion, fiber optic, and more.

The 8001 DC precision point is an ionized air nozzle for static neutralizing and cleaning of small objects. The easily interchangeable accessory nozzles extend this capability in many directions. This range of accessories includes wide area showers, flexible and long nozzles, extensions and special pipework.


8001 precision point standard nozzle 8001 precision point ion shower nozzle 8001 precision point fixed precision nozzle 8001 precision point flexible nozzle extension
Standard Nozzle Ion Shower Nozzle Fixed Precision Nozzle Flexible Nozzle Extension

Download TAKK Model 8001 DC Precision Point Spec Sheet (PDF)

8001 DC Precision Point Air Ionizer
8001 Precision Point power and air input