IONFIX Static Generator

  • High voltage static generation in a compact unit
  • Temporary bonding of similar or dissimilar materials
  • Effective, simple, clean and non-marking method of static pinning
  • Designed for manual use or complete integration within a process
  • Available in positive and negative output voltage
  • Save 5% on IONFIX generators and 10% on charging bars

TAKK’s static generation systems use the bonding force of positive and negative ions (static electricity) as an excellent, economical method of electrostatic bonding/pinning. Effective, simple to operate, and non-marking to material surfaces. Generating static electricity to create a temporary adhesion between materials negates the need for other messier processes such as strapping or gluing.

A system consists of a Static Generator and one or more Charging Bars. The Static Generators generate a positive or negative static charge up to 30kV. The Charging Bars then emit the current in an ion field and electrostatically charge the material to create the temporary adhesion.

Benefits of this Static Generation System:

  • bond similar or dissimilar materials and hold materials in place
  • eliminate air pockets and wrinkles in multi-layer products
  • prevent plastic films from wandering on re-winders
  • prevent plastic films from shrinking on cooling cylinders
  • increase production speeds

Typical applications include a wide variety of manufacturing and processing operations: In-Mold Labeling, Non-Adhesive Laminating, Multi-Layer Plow Feeders, Bindery Insertions, Web Splicing, Printing ESA, removing air from wicketed bags, and other applications where temporary bonding and pinning of materials is required. In-mold labeling, in particular, conserves resources by omitting the need for separate production tasks such as extra labeling.

IONFIX Static Generators set new standards in performance, control and ease of use. Designed for manual use or for complete integration within a process. Features a compact design with a display that rotates 180°. Available in positive and negative polarities.

Static Generator and Charging Bar spec sheet


Static Generators – Save 5%

#GN-IONFIXN-AC Negative, 85-264V AC Generator $1391.00 $1321.45
#GN-IONFIXP-AC Positive, 85-264V AC Generator $1391.00 $1321.45


Static Charging Bars – Save 10%

#GN-7081-006(10) 6″ Static Charging Bar $394.00 $354.60
#GN-7081-012(10) 12″ Static Charging Bar $452.00 $406.80
#GN-7081-018(10) 18″ Static Charging Bar $509.00 $458.10
#GN-7081-024(10) 24″ Static Charging Bar $567.00 $510.30
#GN-7081-036(10) 36″ Static Charging Bar $682.00 $613.80
#GN-7081-048(10) 48″ Static Charging Bar $798.00 $718.20


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