XIFOS 33 Static Eliminator Bar with Adaptive Intelligence

XIFOS 33 – State of the Art, Long-Range, Static Neutralization
Computer intelligence rapidly senses the amount of neutralization power required and quickly sends it.

“This adaptive intelligence ionizing bar enables printers, film extruders, packaging makers and plastics manufacturers to run faster and longer,” notes Joe Overman, President TAKK Industries. “That’s because software algorithms control all of the operating parameters of the static control bar. The ionizing bar quickly senses changes in the process situation and generates the necessary static neutralizing field,” Mr. Overman continued.

“Additionally, the XIFOS 33 intelligently and precisely controls duty cycles, frequency, HV level and polarity. XIFOS reacts to the actual polarity and charge level on the product to achieve the fastest neutralization possible,” remarked Terrance Clark, Technical Sales, TAKK Industries.

XIFOS 33 is a high-power static eliminator with effectiveness across the full length of the bar – no dead zones. Standard length bars are up to 108” with longer bars upon request. This adaptive-intelligence Static Control bar has a neutralization range from as close as 10 inches to a full 60 inches. The 24-volt DC input drives a market leading 33kV-output power supply integrated into the bar.

The XIFOS 33 is warrantied for two years.

Bi-color LED status indicators show operating mode and a Clean Me alert. The XIFOS features shockless, replaceable tungsten emitters for long life.

Communicating with the XIFOS 33 is easy thanks to four quick-to-set distance-to-target and frequency ranges.

Best of all, the XIFOS 33 senses and adapts – delivering what is needed to neutralize the static electricity present.

“This smart static eliminator bar will make your production more productive, and I can answer any questions you may have about the XIFOS 33. Please contact me, at TAKK, 513.353.4306 or tclark@takk.com,” noted Clark.

More information and specifications available on the XIFOS product page found here.