4800 DC Ionized Air NozzleThe 4800 DC is the most powerful ionized air nozzle available
Static neutralization is faster than with any other product.

“The 4800 DC is small and mighty,” remarked Terrance Clark, Technical Sales, TAKK Industries. “Its size and versatility enable it to be mounted most anywhere, including on robot arms. The 4800 DC is perfect for sheet separation, labeling operations, really anywhere you have a confined space and you need productivity”, Mr. Clark continued.

The 4800 DC provides increased production speeds and increases profits. The 4800 DC reduces rejects, downtime, and enhances product quality.
The flat nozzle produces intense airflow – typically at two to four inches for maximum thrust – which transports the ionized air at high speed for optimum cleaning and blow-off capacity.

This is a heavy-duty air nozzle, designed for industrial applications. The 4800 DC removes contaminates from surfaces and/or separates materials–such as plastic or paper sheets. The 4800 DC is used to clean and static neutralize parts, containers and bottles while they are running at high speeds.

“The 4800 DC consists of a 3024 Ultra Compact Ionizer mounted onto a high-efficiency flat air nozzle. This combination produces a powerful ionized air jet – and a lot of it. The 4800 DC is an important addition to TAKK’s ionized air products; products that clean and neutralize static,” said Joe Overman, President, TAKK Industries.

Powerful and sophisticated, with no HV cables running across the machine the 4800 DC uses 24V DC input to drive a powerful internally supplied 7kV of ionizing power.

The 24V DC powered 4800 DC comes with a two-year limited warranty.

The 4800 DC is quiet and, due to its design, the 4800 DC uses about 20 percent less compressed air than competitive products.

When the 4800 DC needs cleaning, a LED light on the body shows that status.

“I would love tell you more about the most powerful ionized air nozzle available. Please contact me, at 513.353.4306 or tclark@takk.com,” noted Clark.

More information and specifications available on the 4800 DC product page found here.