Our Model 3024 Series provides powerful static neutralization performance that meets the requirements of high performance machinery. And it comes in a compact unit with an integrated high voltage power supply, requiring only a low voltage 24V DC input. 

With multiple models to suit different ranges and speeds, the Model 3024 covers a wide range of applications. The Model 3024-F is a high speed version for speeds up to 1000m/min (3280ft/min) and distances from 25mm to 100mm (.98″ to 3.94″). 

The Model 3024-L is a mid-range version for distances from 100mm to 500mm (3.94″ to 19.69″). With a 20″ range this unit is perfect for applications with high profile products, bottles, totes, etc. 

Also features shockless, resistively coupled emitters made in tungsten for unlimited life, LED status indication, built-in remote monitor for operational status, and 100% coverage.

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