During the injection molding of intricate, lightweight parts for the medical, pharmaceutical, and other industries, manufacturers experience numerous problems with parts clinging to mold ejectors or to the injection mold face during the open cycle of molding. Ideally the parts should drop freely from the mold ejectors down onto a conveyor or into a catch bin/tote. When static electricity is excessive and not controlled, the parts will not drop freely. This results in a loss of usable parts, clogging of ejectors, possible damage, downtime, a general slowdown of productivity, and loss of profit. All due to the presence of static electricity.

Installing a static eliminator bar with air assist flowing down the face of the mold/mold ejectors effectively eliminates electrostatic charges on the parts, in turn allowing parts to fall freely onto the conveyor or into catch totes. An additional benefit to using air assisted static eliminators, is the air flow can lightly direct the molded parts in the intended direction.

High intensity ionization is vitally important for best results in this process. Units with low ion output and high intensity air flow often do not produce optimal results.

TAKK has several remedies available for combating static electricity in injection molding operations, including high-performance static eliminating Long Range DC Ionizers, and AC Ionizers equipped with air tubes or air-knives. The Model 3024 DC Ionizer Bar offers long range powerful ionization with an integrated power supply. The Model 400T AC Ionizer Bar with Air Bar allows for high positive and negative ion output at a longer distance. And the Air-Knife distributes high ion output through its high velocity jet stream of air.

In some cases, further static elimination may be required on parts as they move via conveyor or accumulate in totes. TAKK Static Controls are also highly effective in these secondary processes—preventing product contamination, personnel shocks and/or interference with inline sensors.

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