TAKK’s Model 5860 In-line Ionizer used in air rinsing is an integral part of the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing canning line. Read about this unique brewery in Packaging World’s February issue.

An excerpt from the article:
When adding canning capability, MacKinnon Brothers Brewing needed flexible filling and seaming operations that would reduce labor, improve precision, and speed throughput—all the while integrating into a home-built, highly customized line . . .

. . . the farm mentality at MacKinnon Brothers means that a lot of the packaging line design is a result of in-house modifications, customization, and just getting things to work by their own elbow-grease. Still, the brewery has a well-oiled machine of a can filling operation, anchored by the PSA filler and seamer.

The line begins with a Ska Can-I-Bus depalletizer, and cans are single-filed into the line via a Ska twist shoot. Before filling and while inverted, cans are air-rinsed and date coded. 

“We went away from rinsing with water and instead put in a small air ionizer and filter ourselves that also UV light,” MacKinnon says. “The manufacturer is TAKK Industries. That decision was based off a bit of research and a really good talk we heard on different options for air rinsing given by MBAA, the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.”

Downstream of the filler and seamer is an air rinser

Downstream of the filler and seamer is a rinser, enclosed can dryer, and checkweigher prior to accumulation and tray packing downstream.


Complete article available here.

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