8001 DC Precision Point Ionizer

The small, powerful workaholic that removes static and cleans medical, electronic parts and pharmaceutical products

The 8001 Precision Point Ionizer provides spot-on static neutralization and thorough cleaning of small parts in small spaces.

“When the space to mount an ionizer is limited, the 8001 Precision Point Ionizer is the perfect fit,” noted Joe Overman, President, TAKK Industries.

“TAKK knows, when manufacturing medical and electronic parts or pharmaceutical products, accurate control of static-laden materials or surfaces is critical. Tests show the 8001 hits the mark by leaving small medical and electronic parts and pharmaceutical products clean and static-free,” Mr. Overman continued.

This durable ionizer has integrated electronics for self-contained operation and requires only a compressed air supply and 24V DC power. An external high voltage power-supply unit is not required.

TAKK Industries backs the 8001 with a two-year limited warranty; and TAKK always provides expert technical advice and assistance.

“In a lot cases, tiny medical and electronic parts or pharmaceutical products are produced inside intricate, complex machines. These process technologies mean the space to install an ionizer is often very limited,” explained Terrance Clark, Technical Sales, TAKK Industries.

“To direct static neutralizing ions into precise places, the 8001 features a series of nozzle options. These options include a conductive flexible tube nozzle that works with a flexible nozzle extension. There is also an ion shower nozzle. And the nozzles are rotatable. This means the ions end up where they are needed,” Terrance Clark said.

Compatible in ISO Class 4 cleanrooms, the 8001 Precision Point Ionizer excels in higher-technology, controlled environments. The combination of precisely directed ionization and measured airflow easily removes static electricity and contamination. This small, powerful ionizer solves static elimination problems in small spaces.

For more information on the 8001, please contact TAKK at 513.353.4306, sales@takk.com, or visit www.takk.com.

More information and specifications available on the 8001 Precision Point product page found here.