FlexCord-5685Our Innovative, Stretchable Static Eliminating FlexCord™ is now available in a larger 65.5′ roll.

Constructed of Thunderon® microfibers, FlexCord utilizes thousands of conductive points to create an ionizing field that eliminates static charges from moving surfaces. As a self-energizing, passive static eliminator, it does not spark, and can be used in hazardous locations. The cord will not oxidize and become less conductive, providing a long service life.

The FlexCord is capable of stretching to 100% of its length. This allows for precise positioning and mounting in confined spaces. Also the stretchable capability helps avoid snags with materials or objects that may accidentally come in contact with the cord.

Position the cord on either side and across the surface to be neutralized.  It can be in contact with or near the surface. Also ground the cord to bare metal on the machine.

Available in a 32.5′ (10 meters) roll and the new 65.5′ (20 meters) roll. Optional Magnet Mounting Kits are also available for metal surface mounting.

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