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Industrial Static Elimination

Static Eliminators for Converting

TAKK static eliminators provide an even distribution of ionized air over slitting, sheeting, unwinding, rewinding, laminating and coating operations. This eliminates the static electricity which causes the frequent incidence of personnel shock and also static problems which cause jamming, clinging, and sticking of materials being processed. This is a common occurrence with the types of papers and films used in converting and packaging.

  bag wicket slitting sheeting
  bag wicket slitting sheeting

Static Elimination in Packaging

Many packaging operations such as winding and sleeving, create static which attracts dirt and contaminants and can cause film to attract to the wrong surfaces. TAKK static eliminators neutralize the static reducing rejects and waste.

  form fill and seal overwrap tamper proof seal; sleeving
  form fill & seal overwrap tamper proof seal / sleeving
  blow molding winding Customer Success Story
  blow molding winding Bottling

Static Elimination in Plastics Processing

TAKK static eliminators eliminate dirt and dust contaminations, as well as flow problems during plastics extruding, forming and molding operations. This enables machines to operate more efficiently increasing production and profits.

  blow molding film extrusion injection molding
  blow molding film extrusion injection molding
  slitting bag wicket sheeting
  slitting bag wicket sheeting
  winding In-Mold Labeling Customer Success Story
  winding in-mold labeling Injection Molding
Injection Molding-small plastic parts

Static Control for Printing Operations

TAKK static eliminators mounted over printing press feeder and delivery piles and rolls, removes static electricity to improve registration and correct misfeeds. Quality and production are also greatly improved in sheeting, folding, collating and printing on all types of presses and other equipment. Dust particles are eliminated in photographic darkrooms, in stripping, scanning and other pre-press operations to guarantee increased printing quality.

  digital printing sheet-fed offset printing folders
  digital printing sheet fed printing folders
  winding hot stamping Customer Success Story
  winding hot stamping Digital Printing

Static Elimination in Painting And Finishing Processes

TAKK static eliminators remove static electricity prior to spraying and coating operations to prevent dust attraction to metal and plastic parts both before and after painting. Static is also removed during buffing and polishing operations. This guarantees a smooth, uniform finish and virtually eliminates rejects.

  painting and finishing    

Static Control for General Manufacturing

TAKK ionizers eliminate static created as products move along conveyor lines and during other general manufacturing applications.

  material handling - conveyors Customer Success Story  
  material handling Glass Manufacturing

Electronics Static Elimination

TAKK ionizers are used extensively in high-tech “clean rooms” and have proven unusually effective in eliminating static electricity during wave soldering and other electronic assembly operations. A static eliminator mounted above the work area prevents damage to sensitive components caused by electrostatic charges.

  electronic assembly    

Textiles Static Elimination

Strategically located TAKK static eliminators remove static electricity to speed production during carding, slashing, warping, weaving, winding, and other operations.

  non-woven textile winding  
  non-woven textile winding