TAKK Model 5860 In-line Ionizer

Model 5860 In-line Ionizer

Combines static elimination with compressed air blow-off

TAKK’s Model 5860 In-line Ionizer is a compact in-line compressed air static eliminator that combines the benefits of static elimination with contaminant blow-off. The In-line Ionizer is easily installed in the user’s airline—simply cut into the airline and insert the nozzle close to the discharge end of the line resulting in a static ionizer best used when sheet feeding. This technology has largely phased out other inferior methods including the water rinser.

Typical applications for using ionized air:

  • air separation systems fitted to paper or plastic sheet feeding deck
  • ionized air bottle rinser (see case study at right)
  • materials moving through conveying pipes and tubes
  • folders & sheet-fed printing presses
  • plastic and acrylic parts as drilled or trimmed
  • optics
  • pre-paint

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In-line Ionizer System - includes one Model 5860 with 6.5 ft. cable and one Power Supply (operates two in-line ionizers)

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additional Model 5860 In-line Ionizer with 6.5 ft. cable

List Price $324.00

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Case Study: TAKK In-line Ionizer as an Ionized Air Rinser in Bottling Application

A bottler using a recycled water rinser found that dust and cardboard fibers were sticking to the insides of the bottles causing contamination.

The bottler converted to an ionized air rinser using TAKK’s Model 5860 Inline Ionizers. Filtered compressed air is ionized and blown through nozzles into inverted bottles, eliminating the static charge holding the dirt and cardboard fibers in the bottles. A vacuum sucks the falling dirt out of the rinser and discharges it in a location away from the open bottles. The Ionized Air Rinser system eliminates the need for water and has proven to be an efficient and cost effective means of cleaning and eliminating contamination. The bottle rinser is truly a great tool.

Model 5860 as an Ionized Air botttle rinser

More information on the bottling contamination case study regarding the ionized air rinser


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