Portable Electrostatic Fieldmeter

Wherever you need non-contact static measurement, this portable monitor provides unequaled accuracy, stability and versatility.


  • Battery or line operation (AC power module included)
  • Two ranges: ±2kV/cm, ±20kV/cm
  • Remote probe for easy monitoring of hard-to-reach locations up to 1000 feet
  • Chopper stabilizer for accurate measurements in ionized environments
  • Recorder output for unattended monitoring


  • portable-fieldmeter-probeMonitor charge buildup on webs during lamination, coating, manufacturing, printin
  • Check bonding during bagging, dumping, transport operations
  • Static surveys in offices, on production lines, “static-free” workstations
  • Prevention of dendritic discharge patterns on photographic and X-ray film
  • Loop control for consistency in electrostatic tacking of materials
  • Monitor static levels in textile manufacturing to prevent shocks to personnel, bunching and flying of product

Download TAKK Portable Fieldmeter Spec Sheet (PDF)