Multi-Point Fieldmeter & Alarm System

Full-time, plant-wide automatic defense against undetected static buildup.

This Static Monitor/Alarm System is the only intrinsically safe system that continuously monitors the critical points in your facility to detect and warn of electrostatic charge buildup before it becomes a problem.

In a typical scenario, as static levels in your application surpass a preset value, beyond which there may be a danger to personnel or possible disruption or destruction to the process or product, an initial warning is triggered and the process is allowed to continue. If the problem is rectified, the “warning” returns to a “normal” state. If the condition persists and the static level exceeds a second more crucial value, an alarm is activated terminating the process until corrective action is taken and the system is reset.

Accurate, versatile and dependable, unattended operation makes this monitor ideal for applications such as:

  • Converting, Coating, and Printing processes
  • Dry particle transport systems
  • Static-free environments
  • Explosive atmospheres — Safely monitors potentially hazardous sites to detect charge buildup.

Download TAKK Multi-Point Fieldmeter & Alarm System Spec Sheet (PDF)