IonStorm XR2 Single Point Static Eliminator

The TAKK IonStorm XR2 Single Point static eliminator is a shockless unit that uses the same high performance technology as the TAKK IonStorm XR2 Bars to bring extended range high performance static elimination to confined areas.

The XR2 Single Point is equipped with tungsten emitters for long-life and dependable service. The emitter pins have dedicated positive and negative ion outputs and are user-replaceable.

The body is constructed of durable extruded PVC and ABS with a standard 6 ft long “point” to “controller” cable. The Single Point can be used in pairs for long range bi-polar or singularly for single polarity neutralization.

The Single Point utilizies the Model 3750 Power Controller’s unique adjustability features include user-settings for frequency, voltage and polarity outputs, providing precision ionization performance to match any static challenge. It is housed in a high strength body and provides an operation error alarm indicator, rocker on/off switch, illuminated ion pulse rate, and lockable setting key-locks.

The Model 3750 Controller can be operated from a remote location with integrated DIN connection. The input voltage is 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 24 Volts DC – with variable shockless DC current output up to 14 kV.

The compact size of the IonStorm Single Point allows precise static control in applications with limited or confined areas such as mold cavities, isolation enclosures and ducting where extended range high performance static elimination is needed.

Download TAKK IonStorm XR2 Single Point Spec Sheet (PDF)