Model 400T Ion Edge AC Static Eliminator Bar Series

TAKK’s Model 400T Ion-Edge is a shockless superior performing medium range ionization static elimination bar with a market-leading compact and durable design. Quality engineered with replacement static bar users and original equipment manufacturers in mind, it delivers high positive and negative ion output in cramped quarters. The bar uses TAKK Model 2000S (120 volt) or 2002S (220 volt) power supply.

Model 400T is available in lengths 2 to 156 inches in one inch increments. It is constructed of industrial grade extruded plastic, epoxy overlay and resistively coupled emitter pins for performance, safety, low maintenance and years of service. The effective ionization range is up to 7 inches.

The Model 400T Air Bar utilizes a compressed air tube to extend the effective static elimination range up to 8 feet. Also allows for part and surface blow-off, eliminating dirt and dust contamination.

The Model 400T Ion-Edge is well suited for Original Equipment Manufacturers and O.E.M. replacements with broad applications including Packaging Machines, Printers, Converting, Extruding, and Material Handling.

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