Vortex Static Eliminator AC Blower

Our highly effective Vortex Blower generates and projects an extra wide (18” x 18”) and long range (10 feet) ionization field that engulfs static laden surfaces and completely eliminates positive andd negative static electricity.

Complete system includes external power supply, cable, ionizing blower and mounting hardware. Ionization is accomplished with a high output 40 emitter ionization system. Air velocity is created by a Centrifugal Blower; no compressed air supply is needed.

Vortex’s input voltage is 115 volts, 50/60 Hz, AC. Typical applications include Unwind, Rewind, Plastic Molding, Paint Lines, Packaging, Light Sensitive Applications or application where high velocity air and ionization is required.

Download TAKK Vortex Spec Sheet (PDF)