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Test Your Ionizer’s Static Neutralizing Performance

Get the best results from your Static Control Equipment. A static meter is a tool designed to detect and measure the presence of static electricity. This easy to use tool measures the magnitude and the polarity of static charges from virtually any material. Having...

See the NEOS Series on display at ICE USA 2017 – Booth #1217!

The NEOS Series with Reactive Intelligence provides the highest performance in the industry – up to 250% compared to competitive products. The NEOS uses Reactive Intelligence to frequently sample the electrostatic field of a static charged surface and then increases...

IONFIX – High Voltage Static Generation in a Compact Unit

Using the latest high voltage technologies, IONFIX static generator sets new standards in performance, control and ease of use with a full range of features and capabilities in a compact and versatile construction. The flexible interface design facilitates complete...

Looking for High Performance Static Elimination without Air Assist?

Our Model 3024 Series provides powerful static neutralization performance that meets the requirements of high performance machinery. And it comes in a compact unit with an integrated high voltage power supply, requiring only a low voltage 24V DC input.  With multiple...

ICE in Orlando

ICE in Orlando… No, not winter weather ice, we’re talking about ICE USA 2017. Held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center, April 25-27, this premier event is where converting professionals gather to see first-hand the latest machinery, technology, and...

How to Clean Static Eliminator Bar Emitter Points

Routinely cleaning your static eliminator bar’s emitter points can greatly improve the performance and operation of your units. How to clean: Light cleaning can be performed by blowing off your ionizer bars with compressor air. For heavy cleaning, use isopropyl...

NEOS Series Static Eliminator Bar

NEOS technology is an evolution in static controls providing ultra-high performance of up to 250% compared to competitive products. Design for the most demanding static elimination applications. NEOS Series Bars uses advanced Reactive Intelligence to frequently sample the electrostatic field of a static charged surface and then increases the supply of static neutralizing ions of the opposite polarity until the charge is neutralized.

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