Static Control and Static Elimination


TAKK Industries Company Profile

For nearly six decades TAKK Industries, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been a leader in the field of electrostatic technology – specializing in the innovative development and manufacturing/distribution of Static Electricity Elimination Equipment.

Industrial Static Solutions

We are in the solutions business. Providing economical solutions, through quality products and technical services. Solving the costly static problems frequently experienced by our customers in such fields as Converting, Packaging, Plastics, Printing, Painting, Electronics, Textiles and General Manufacturing. We serve end users of static elimination equipment and original equipment manufacturers, nationally and internationally.

Static Control Products

Our Service

TAKK Industries is dedicated to giving you prompt, knowledgeable, personalized and friendly service. Toward that end we provide a staff of fully trained experienced technicians to provide assistance via telephone, e-mail, fax and in person. Beyond this, detailed information is available through our web site, catalog/price literature, and technical data, illustrations and instructions. Our product performance is backed up by dependable warranties…and by our pride.