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July 2011

Innovative, Stretchable TAKK Anti-Static FlexCord

Mount in confined spaces with precise positioning

TAKK Ainti-Static Stretchable FlexCord

TAKK’s new Anti-Static FlexCord is constructed of Thunderon® microfibers with thousands of conductive points causing ionization and grounding of static charges. Easily removes static electricity from moving webs, conveyors, parts, etc. FlexCord can be precisely positioned, mounted in confined spaces, will not spark and can be used in hazardous locations. Available in 32.5 ft. rolls (10m), the FlexCord stretches to approximately double its length allowing it to be pulled taut and protecting material from flow snags.

Place the Anti-Static FlexCord tautly across and approximately 1⁄4" to 1⁄2" above a moving web or conveyor. The micro filaments projecting from the FlexCord interact with the static field on the product or conveyor, eliminating the static charge on the surface.

Available with Magnet Mounting Kits for easy installation on metal surfaces.

Typical Applications include plastic, paper, textile webs, digital printers, paper folders, printing presses, conveyors and other applications where static electricity causes product flow problems, quality impairments, or personnel shock.

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March 2009

TAKK’s Precision Point Ionizing Air Nozzle Effectively Eliminates Static

Compact Design Maximizes Efficiency

TAKK Precision Point Ionizing Air Nozzle

The TAKK Precision Point Ionizing Air Nozzle’s compact size allows for maximum efficiency of extended range static elimination and contaminant blow-off.

The Precision Point’s resistively coupled design eliminates high charges of static up to six feet from the target, even at high production speeds. This effective static eliminator helps increase productivity and product quality. In addition, the Precision Point offers a unique air nozzle with efficient blow-off capabilities, using compressed air to remove dust and contaminants from small targets such as yarn, trim, tapes and narrow webs.

TAKK products like the Precision Point are a perfect fit for industrial environments that require static-free and contaminant-free environments. The Precision Point has a compact size and design, allowing for easy installation in confined spaces.

The Precision Point Ionizing Air Nozzle comes with a two year limited warranty, free application analysis and complete technical assistance.

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March 2009

Increase Static Elimination with the TAKK Ion-Jet Super Air-Knife

Helps to Enhance Product Quality and Operator Safety

TAKK Ion-Jet Super Air-Knife

TAKK Industries’ Ion-Jet Super Air-Knife provides high performance static elimination while reducing air consumption, allowing for greater efficiency in industrial environments.

The Super Air-Knife helps to eliminate costly production problems of static electricity by utilizing a combination of ultra high positive and negative ion outputs. By coupling the Super Air-Knife with TAKK’s compact, high-efficiency Model 400T Static Eliminator Bar, even the toughest static electricity problems can be solved. Machinery can be operated at optimum speeds with the Super Air-Knife, reducing the number of rejects, enhancing the product quality and safely protecting operators from shock.

In addition, the Super Air-Knife reduces noise and air consumption, making it a quiet and effective way to clean, dry, cool or prep equipment surfaces and parts. The Super Air-Knife uses a small amount of compressed air as a power source, pulling in large volumes of surrounding air to produce a high-flow concentration of air for blow-off. This effective system results in air savings of 40% to 90% compared to “homemade” blow-off devices.

The Ion-Jet Super Air-Knife comes with a two year limited warranty and complete technical assistance.

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