Powerful, Dual-Point, Close-Range, Static-Elimination in Confined Spaces 
3024 Ultra Compact Powerful, Dual-Point, Close-Range, Static-Elimination
Now, there is an effective, small, powerful static eliminator designed for use with high-performance machinery where space is at a minimum. The 3024 Ultra Compact dual point is perfect for the high-speed production of shrink sleeves, narrow ribbons, tapes, and label webs.
“This 24V-DC, close-range, static eliminator provides dual-point action, so it greatly increases production speeds, and significantly reduces rejects and downtime,” remarked Terrance Clark, TAKK Technical Sales. “Those production improvements mean enhanced product quality and increased profits,” Clark added.
The 3024 Ultra Compact is designed for use with high-performance machinery where space is at a minimum.  With a built-in, high voltage, integrated power supply, the Ultra Compact uses pulsed, DC high-voltage, emanating from two points, to provide powerful static elimination to a substrate or other material at approximately one to two inches distance. By delivering up to 7.5kV from a low-voltage 24-V DC input, the Ultra Compact provides enhanced operator safety. Integrated high-voltage electronics mean no high-voltage cables are required.  
“The Ultra Compact is protected against under-voltage, overload and reverse polarity,” noted Joe Overman, President TAKK Industries. “And integrated mounting holes make it easy to install and retrofit to machines.”
The Ultra Compact is shockless, with resistively-coupled tungsten emitters for durability and long life. Its ion balance is suitable for most industrial applications. And, the 3024 Ultra Compact features remote monitoring of its operational status.